Random Thoughts on Liturgical Style

Everything communicates something. Everything.

Noble simplicity and liturgical minimization are not the same thing.

Traditional beauty and Noble Simplicity are not inherently antithetical.

Minimalism and minimization are not the same thing.

Minimalism and Noble Simplicity require thoughtful absence. They cannot endure an absence of thoughtfulness.

Cheap and simple are not the same.

Neither is expense an indicator of quality.

Solemn should not be confused with sad.

But sadness is a legitimate spiritual experience.

Seriousness and joyfulness are not opposites, nor are they exclusive of each other.

Sometimes, less is more. Often, less is less.

Symbols half-done are not symbols; they are talismans and witchcraft.

One should not confuse habit with tradition.

One should not confuse tradition with Tradition.

“It has always been done this way” is either the exact reason to keep doing something, or the exact reason to stop doing it.

“It’s never been done before” has a similar quality.

Black is the new black. It is also the old black.

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