Magazine-based Liturgy Planning

Planning music and liturgy based on some subscription program from a major publisher, without a firm grounding in the traditions of the Church, is like someone who has never eaten food preparing a multi-course meal based on a single Issue of Good House Keeping and not being able to tell the difference between recipes, advertisements, and articles that aren’t even about food.

For appetizers, first we’re going to have Jell-O Molds. Then our next course will be organizing all your laundry. We’ll then move on to 20mg of Claritin, which we’ll wash down with a cocktail of Jiffy Peanut Butter and rubber bands. Our soup and salad course is remembering famous dresses worn by the First Lady, with a side of how to talk to your children about Miley Cyrus. The main course is Tuna Helper, drizzled in melted Velveeta. For dessert, we are all going to sell each other vacuum cleaner accessories.


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