Do Not Stand and Stare in Wonder

Do Not Stand and Stare in Wonder

Do not stand and stare in wonder unto the sky above.
You have seen the wondrous glory of the risen Lord of Love,
and just as you have seen Him ascend into the skies
So shall the living savior return before your eyes.
Alleluia! Alleluia! We praise our God and King!
Alleluia, alleluia, Your people ever sing!

On his throne in highest heaven our Savior takes His place,
now and always on the Mercy Seat, the source of endless grace.
Though not only there we seek Him; never far from us is He.
We know the Lord is with us, if we have faith to see.
Neither staring up in wonder, nor hiding like the dead,
we will find Him here together in breaking of the bread.

All you servants of the Most High now sing and clap your hands,
For the Lord that once was crucified is Prince of all the lands.
Sound the trumpet, sing together, as our Savior mounts His throne,
And hear the voice that calls us a people of His own.
Alleluia to the Father and to His only Son,
Alleluia to the Spirit, Eternal Three in One!

— Adam Michael Wood, Ascension 2012

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